March 24, 2022 ~ Dear Wordle and friends,

It started small. I saw a post on Facebook for someone’s score on Wordle. A game with ‘word’ in the name. I was all in. I love anything playing with words! And so I started each day with your little game. I had fun. I was SO smart. I got them all right… I even got some in two. Yes, I’m smart!

But then, the New York Times took over and I was a little surprised at some of the tricks. Some of the struggles I was facing. I was frustrated. How can you change things when I was just getting the hang of it? I had strategies. I had all the phonics work of a lifetime behind me.

Then people started getting mad. This surprised me. While I was frustrated when you used double letters- eliminating one of my strategies, I still find joy in the game and the strategizing and problem solving.

Then people were frustrated by the words. It’s a word game. Of course, the words won’t all be common words. ‘Caulk’… yes, I know what that is. ‘Smelt’… multiple meanings for this one and I grew up on a lake and we fished for these little guys every winter.

Sure, I was I disappointed when I didn’t get it in the required amounts. But isn’t that the challenge of the game?

Then I went to a party and someone asked if I also played Nerdle. OK… so numbers, math, addition, subtraction… I’m not so sure… but I gave it a try. A bit rough for thinking in the morning, but I was hooked.

A bit later, a former teaching friend posted on Facebook, “If you like Wordle and want to challenge yourself, try Quordle.” Four words at one time… bring it!

Then I noticed my kids at school starting to talk about all of you. During class meeting, I popped you up on the SmartBoard. We discussed how people approached it. We discussed how we knew to eliminate certain letters or that likelihood they might not be there.

And so we played. Then one of my kids asked if I had seen Worldle. (I’m their Social Studies teacher as well as their ELA teacher). We put that up and started to strategize. Shapes of countries? OK this is tricky. However we were given directions and distances away. We were all in.

Just this weekend, my nephew was visiting and we were all watching college basketball in the family room. They started to talk about you… a 19 year old, and 18 year old, and a 16 year old. I eavesdropped.

“Hey, mom, did you get today’s Wordle?” Patrick asked.

“Yes, got it this morning,” I replied not trying to get too excited. Overexcitement gets me every time.

“But, Auntie Peg, have you tried Heardle?” Jack asked.

“No, I don’t think I would be good at it,” I answered. I know lyrics and can sing a blue streak, but artists and actual titles… that’s a tough one for me.

“Try it,” they all chimed in. So I did. Sure it took me a few skips and a few wrong guesses… but I got it.

So, I guess Wordle. You have taught me a lot. You have taught me that games can bring people of all ages together. You’ve taught me that my strategies aren’t always those of others and that’s ok. You have taught me that despite your challenges, I am not going to give up even if I mess up one day.

So thank you, Wordle.

With much appreciation,

Your #1 Word Friend

3 thoughts on “March 24, 2022 ~ Dear Wordle and friends,”

  1. I knew about Quordle and Worldle (that one is hard for me to spell!) but not Nerdle or Heardle! I obviously have some Internet rabbit holes to fall down. I keep forgetting to Wordle but will probably get back to it over spring break. I really enjoyed this slice! (And your whole letter writing theme this month.)


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