Making time

I need more time. I know we all say it, but I’m trying to figure out how to do it. Not being funny… I’m truly trying to find a solution.

I want more time for…

  • exercise (not really… but I need to make time for this because I know I will feel better!)
  • taking more pictures- I love pictures- taking them, looking at them, being ‘crafty’ with them
  • scrapbooking said pictures
  • reading books of my choosing
  • writing
  • cleaning my house (ok, I don’t really want more time for this, but I need to de-clutter!)
  • reading professional books… the list is long
  • reading more kids book- that pile is BIG
  • sleep… sounds ridiculous, but I know I am better when I sleep… but if I want to do all the above… I can’t fit in my 8 hours.

So… where do I find the time? I’m actually thinking I’m going to do an ‘audit’ of my time. I know that might sound ridiculous to some, but I need to know HOW I am using my 24 hours. I have some ideas of where some of my time is ‘lost’, but just like keeping a food journal, I’m going to keep a time journal this week… starting today!

I truly need to know where my time goes!

Stay tuned… for some self-reflection and change!

Day 1: Slice of Life Challenge: 31 Things about Me Right Now!

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.09.23 AM

This post is inspired by Melanie Meehan and Lisa Keeler. 

  1. This is my second year participating in the Slice of Writing Challenge.
  2. I love to write… but don’t do it enough.
  3. I teach 6th grade and love it… even these extremely challenging days of prepping for the school play!
  4. My 13 year old (Patrick) is now taller than me so I am officially the shortest person in my family. An observation made by one of my students last night.
  5. Said 13 year old still wanted to come see my 6th graders play last night, which made me realize that he is taller than me, but still my baby!
  6. I binged watched all seven seasons of Game of Thrones between Christmas and February 1st… I haven’t done the math, but that is a lot of TV time… and I LOVED every minute!
  7. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee. I tried to join the school coffee group, but it just doesn’t work for me.
  8. I realize that I am a creature of habit. (refer to #7)
  9. My 16 year old (Tyler) is in the middle of junior year… I realize that his junior year is NOTHING like my junior year. And that makes me sad.
  10. I love to read… and I don’t read enough.
  11. Perhaps I should stop playing ‘games’ on my iPad and start reading and writing more.
  12. Lent begins on Wednesday and perhaps I should give up Words with Friends and my iPad games for Lent. (See #10 & 11)
  13. I finished my report cards last weekend so I am really looking forward to this weekend.
  14. They are announcing snow for this weekend and that makes me happy. My hometown has received a record breaking snow this year and we have received a very dismal amount of snow this year and that makes me miss home.
  15. I have learned a series of shortcuts for using my tech within the past two days and I love it!
  16. I have worked in the same district for 20 years… and those years have included teaching 2nd grade, working as a language arts consultant, working as the writing and social studies coordinator for our district, as a 5th grade teacher, and as a 6th grade teacher. 20 years is a long time. I think it’s important to do many different things to understand the many different challenges in education.
  17. I’m a  lifelong Red Sox fan and Patriots fan… it’s been a good year for our teams. It hasn’t always been this way.
  18. I am fluent in French, but only use it when I am with my parents. I wish that I had taught my boys to speak French, I wish it was offered in their high school. Perhaps it’s not too late.
  19. I am a helper… sometimes to my detriment. I don’t do it to get accolades, but just to do and get things done.
  20. I wish I were ‘lighter’ right now… I haven’t stepped on a scale in a while and really don’t want to. This means I need to get things back in order.
  21. I had a total knee replacement in May. I still have days that it aches and hurts and it frustrates me. I have to be patient with the healing process. I’ve learned I’m not patient with myself.
  22. I am in a book club with some amazing ladies. I’m not done our book and we meet next week. I will need to find time to read this weekend… and that makes me happy.
  23. I hate homework. Giving it, collecting it, hounding kids for it, correcting it, doing it. I wish it would go away!
  24. I love lists. Making them, crossing things of them. I even have a notebook that is primarily for my lists. This entry really makes me happy. Thank you for sharing this morning, Melanie.
  25. I keep my ‘inbox’ clear of emails. Read emails go into folders or get deleted as soon as they are dealt with. I DON’T like the feeling of more than 10 emails in my inbox at one time. Not sure what that says about me.
  26. We are launching a new reading unit next week and I’m excited about that. I love new learning and new teaching. It makes me happy.
  27. 31 seemed easy… but now that I am on 27… it’s hard.
  28. I can do hard things… and have done them for some time now. I have many friends going through hard things right now and I will take my hard things and see them differently. It is all about perspective!
  29. I wish I could give myself permission to skip things or not do what is expected of me. I am a rule follower and sometimes it causes me great stress. I need to think about this more. Perhaps I need to give myself permission to break the rules.
  30. Watching my kids during Fun Friday is fun. Listening to their conversations, watching them play cards, build with Legos, draw, and talk… they look like 11 year olds and that makes me happy.
  31. I made it! I am thankful that Mel messaged me to remind me of the Slice of Life challenge. I am looking forward to what the next 30 days will bring!