March 31, 2021 ~ Reflections on the month

  1. I wasn’t planning on doing the challenge this year. Too many things on my plate.
  2. I still did the challenge, although I didn’t write for 31 days.
  3. I won’t get a prize, but writing as much as I did was my prize.
  4. I enjoyed my writer’s eye that I had searching for my moments to slice.
  5. My eyes were sometimes blinded by the challenges in my life, and that’s ok.
  6. I was reminded that I really do love to write.
  7. I would love to know how to make it a bigger priority.
  8. I think I say this each year.
  9. I hate not being able to format the things the way I write on paper, on the computer.
  10. I will think about continuing on Tuesdays and maybe I will add it to my calendar so that I make sure I stick to it this time.

7 thoughts on “March 31, 2021 ~ Reflections on the month”

  1. I appreciate the honesty of this list, but also I appreciate you for showing up to the challenge even when things are difficult! You did as much slicing/writing as you needed to and that’s what matters. I hope you can continue slicing and at least know there is a network of fellow writers/bloggers/slicers that will be just as eager to read your work on a Tuesday as they were during this month. I plan on trying to slice more as well — so I hope to see you out there!

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  2. I love the “writer’s eye” even if it was sometimes blinded this month. Mine were too! One of the best things about this challenge is the ways in which we grow. I am hoping to continue on Tuesdays too!

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  3. Yes! My “writer’s eye” had been ignored over the past many months. It felt good to be using it again! For some reason I find it harder to slice once a week than to complete a 31-day challenge, but I’m going to try once again. Hope to see you next Tuesday!

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