March 29, 2021 ~ For me or them?

Yesterday I mapped a learning plan for an end of unit project for my 6th graders as we wrap up our social issue book club unit. I had a few days to spare and thought it might be nice to tie in the last bend AND an engaging project as we all wait for spring break.

I mapped it out. Made a plan. Prepared a template. Scheduled it in Google Classroom. Then crossed it off my list.

Until this morning…

When I thought about whether they would need a model. Would they be able to do all the steps without a model for a project they’ve never done? Probably. But there would be questions. (There always are regardless of my preparedness.)

Would it help if I made one up? Which topic would I use that would not be an exact replica for some? What should I do?

So… I started to put things together. I hit a few roadblocks. I overcame them. I took the minimal planning time I had today and worked on the various parts of it.

I just reopened the assignment and added my sample to the assignment. While I know it will help them, sometimes I wonder if sometimes I just want the ability to be creative and think like a 6th grader again!

One thought on “March 29, 2021 ~ For me or them?”

  1. I secretly kind of love doing the projects I assign. I figure if I don’t enjoy it at least a little, there’s no way the students will like it! I bet they’ll love the example you created & you can tell them about the various hiccups in your process. Next week I’m doing poetry with my 12th graders & I plan to write in front of them – terrifying, but good for all of us, I think. Here’s hoping your 6th graders do well with your project!

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