March 27, 2021 ~ Everything Feels Hard

Everything feels hard right now.

With my colleagues and students, it’s hard to…

Manage social distancing

And mask wearing

And reading aloud with a mask

And watching people disregard all the rules set forth to protect everyone

And teaching in ways that we’ve never taught before.

With my family, it’s hard to…

Encourage my son to return to college

And give restrictions, but not too many

And agree on what’s best for everyone

And make decisions that you have no right answer for.

With myself, it’s hard to…

Process all the things that I have no control over

And workout regularly to stay healthy

And eat right so I can lose the weight

And manage the never-ending list of ‘to dos’

Everything feels hard right now.

15 thoughts on “March 27, 2021 ~ Everything Feels Hard”

  1. I feel you. I love the format of this… it truly emphasize where and what feels hard. I also like the way you broke it down into categories. Hoping the sunshine today makes everything feel a bit easier.

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  2. Thank you for putting so clearly into words what many are feeling. The structure is interesting. The fact that you started what feels hard with your work and ended with yourself speaks to me. Was this intentional? As someone who struggled to prioritize family and self before school and students, I wondered. Wishing you well today!

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  3. Agreed. I feel like I have so many balls up in the air and drop them all of the time. The structure of the poem is interesting, especially with “and” starting each line. That “and” makes it feel like just another thing to do.

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  4. I’ve noticed I haven’t let myself feel the hard right now. I think about it and then resist. It is not typical for me. Usually writing is my best way to process and feel. I am wondering if it is because of my arms – not writing in my usual way or because I am only allowing myself to deal with what I can handle. Thanks for letting me walk beside you and feel with your writing. Hang in there.

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    1. Interestingly… I haven’t let myself deal with the hard either. I usually push through the hard, but this week it came from all directions at the same time and just landed on me.


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