March 23, 2021~ An Extended Stay

On Thursday, he came home in a whirlwind.

On Friday, he attended two virtual classes and got his vaccination.

On Saturday, we got an email saying the campus was on status ‘yellow’… a pause until Tuesday. He was thrilled. He would stay until Wednesday morning since his first class on Wednesday was at 2:00 pm.

On Sunday, we got an email saying that the campus was on ‘orange’… a pause until Friday. He couldn’t decide how he felt.

“I’m happy to be home, but I wish it was safe to go back,” he pondered.

I sat. Silent. No words. Sad that his freshman year of college is not going the way it should… just like his senior year of high school. Happy to have him home. Frustrated at the continued increase in cases. Angry that there is no solution or end in sight.

And so I answered, “I’m hopeful that the numbers will begin decreasing and you will be back before you know it.”

6 thoughts on “March 23, 2021~ An Extended Stay”

  1. My friend’s son was a freshman last year. It was a hard time to be a freshman, and it’s probably still quite a challenge. I’m glad you live close enough for a short-ish visit and hope it gets back to yellow soon! (Or better! I assume green.)


  2. I’m sure this is even harder than it sounds. The push-pull and constant uncertainty. Our young people have had to withstand so many different upsets, interruptions, deferrals and struggles over this past year. I’m glad if your young person is still able to respond with optimism where possible.


  3. So sorry. I have been lucky. My freshman has been able to stay all year (coming home Thanksgiving through New Year’s) and my other son as well. I think they are both in small rural schools and that has made it possible. It is still not the same. I feel for your son -the not knowing is the worst. Sending hope of decreased numbers your way …


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