March 22, 2021 ~ Taking my own advice

One thing I tell my readers FREQUENTLY is to read a variety of genres. I believe, wholeheartedly, that trying new genres helps to expand your reading skills at the least, and leads you to a TON of new books at the best.

So when I challenged my 6th grade readers to read as many of the Nutmeg nominees this year, they asked if I would read them too. Not one to back away from a challenge, I said ‘Sure!’

And so it began. I had already read four of the books so I knew it would not be too much of a challenge. I chose the books that most appealed to me. Realistic Fiction.

Then I was left with two. One about ghosts and one about outer space. Fantasy. My LEAST favorite genre. I read the ghost book first… knowing that it would be based in realistic fiction.

Then, I had one left. I uploaded it to my Kindle. I read the first chapter. I put it down.
I came back to it the next day. Read half a chapter. Put it down.

I didn’t read the next day. You see where this is going, don’t you?

And so this week, I told myself, I needed to sit with it for MORE than 15 minutes AND during a time that was NOT in bed when I was exhausted.

So I sat for an hour yesterday and read and read and read. I finished the book and I truly enjoyed it by the end. It will not go in my all time favorites, but I definitely learned something about myself as a reader and I learned something about myself as a TEACHER of readers.

The moral of the story: We must be willing to do the things we ask our children to do each and every day. When we struggle, we understand their struggles.

3 thoughts on “March 22, 2021 ~ Taking my own advice”

  1. I love thinking about spying myself as a writer, reader, whatever it is. It makes me better when I’ve actually experienced the struggle myself. And I’m with you– my daughters DEVOUR fantasy and I don’t like it… yet.

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