March 21, 2021 ~ A Variety of Perspectives

The young teacher who could barely contain her excitement.

The young man who asked if he needed to go to multiple stations for different shots.

The man who laughed heartily when I asked if he was pregnant or breastfeeding.

The woman who sadly replied no when I asked the same question.

The woman who shared her many concerns over a possible reaction and that she may in fact pass out.

The man who looked up gratefully at the nurse for not making it hurt at all.

The woman who turned her entire seat around so she could not see a thing.

The woman, who I sat beside for 4 hours, who has sat there for three Saturdays, for eight hours a day, administering shot after shot to teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, and anyone else who works in the schools in our little region…

These are just some of the people I spend my time with yesterday at our local vaccination clinic.

6 thoughts on “March 21, 2021 ~ A Variety of Perspectives”

  1. Wow. This is amazing! I love the idea of getting in other perspectives on this! And how lucky to get to help out at a clinic. This has me thinking about the place where I went and all the stories that it has! Loved this Slice!

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  2. You’re so lucky to have had the opportunity to volunteer. I love that you brought your sense of humor, especially knowing how hard it was for so many people to receive the vaccination. My heart ached for the woman who sadly replied ‘no.’

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