March 10, 2021 ~ My five year old

My five year old does not like the phone. She is fine when it rings. She is not alarmed by it. She will watch people on the phone without much of a care.

She will watch my husband talk on the phone for long lengths of time… for work, for family, for business.

She will watch the boys talk to their grandparents without so much as a peep.

But then there is me. The minute I put the phone to my ear and sit in a chair (any chair for that matter), it begins.

It might be a whine. It might be a request. Sometimes she can get loud. So loud that the person on the other end of the line asks, “Is she ok? Do you need to go?”

To which I always respond, “No, she needs to learn. This is a new behavior and I don’t know why it bothers her so much when I talk on the phone.”

Sometimes she will relax. Sometimes she is relentless. When I finally get off the phone, she wags her tail. She rubs her head on my legs. She reaches up for a loving pet. She knows she now has my undivided attention.

3 thoughts on “March 10, 2021 ~ My five year old”

  1. I loved your post and how you kept secret who “she” was until the end. I have a 5 year old daughter and I read it with that lens the whole time and laughed at myself when I got to the end. This is a perfect piece to teach schema. All readers bring their own experiences to a story. 🙂

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  2. I was really confused for a little bit. I was like, wait, whose perspective is she writing from, and then I was like, oooh, I get it! Good girl Charley! You make sure you get your attention!


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