March 1, 2021~ No words

“They had sushi for lunch,” he texted.

My heart was happy. Positive texts only two days into a spring semester that was starting VERY late.

“Oh, and K moved out LOL”

My heart dropped… as quickly as it had filled just moments before. 

“WHAT?!?!?!?” I texted back refraining from using all the swear words running through my head.


“When did he tell you?”

“while i was in class he said he wanted more privacy and stuff he’s already moving his stuff out”

I held my breath waiting for words to come to my fingertips. Nothing. I envisioned him standing in the room while his roommate moved things out. I envisioned the color draining from his face as he considered the ramifications of someone else’s actions. 

“Wow. I have no words.” I texted knowing full well he would see through my lie.  

“stupid” his reply came within seconds. 

“none of it makes sense” he continued.

I knew all the things I wanted to say. I knew all the things I should say.

I took a screenshot and sent it to my husband with three simple letters. “WTF” 

“Yeah, he told me, he will call me when he gets out of class.” he replied. Hmmm… made the wrong choice of person to send my anger to.

I stared at the text chain with my son. I knew that I needed to respond to him. I didn’t know how to make this better. I wasn’t sure how he was reacting over 100 miles away. I did know that he did not want a single and that was one of his fears in returning to school this spring. Would this make the positive transition negative? Would this make him ask to come home? I had so many questions that I could not ask. 

“My kids are coming back. I have to go. I will call you when I get home.”


I placed my phone on my desk as the chatter of 18 kids started to fill the room. I sat in my chair unable to think of my next move. So I moved in the only way I knew how,

“OK learners, let’s get your things ready for writing.”

8 thoughts on “March 1, 2021~ No words”

  1. Parenting grown children is HARD- HARD – HARD. It can make for some really long days and nights. I hope you were able to connect and find the words he needed to hear you say.

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  2. March is a long month but it has one big plus – reading your Slice of Life!! I was so excited when I saw it in my email in box. I recognized the feeling of being unable to make things better and feeling helpless to know the right words to encourage our kids. So hard!! Beautifully written!
    Thank you Peg – for putting pen to paper!

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  3. Oh – I felt the wild ride of emotions in this post. I love the ending – how writing is the way to move forward. I hope your son is able to come to terms with this new situation & that your next series of texts is more positive and less frustrating.

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  4. Oh my heart aches … so many things I want to know. My son started his freshman year at college this year — what a tough year to begin. I hope he is okay. I hope you blog again about it. You drew me in and now I need to know how he is… and I love how you just went into gear when you needed to. That also sent him the message that you knew he would be ok not matter what.

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