Slice of Life 2020: I feel badly for…

the kindergartener who was finally figuring out how school worked.

the 1st grader who was learning how to read.

the second grader who had just made a new friend.

the third grader who just moved to a new school.

the fourth grader who just connected with their teacher.

the fifth grader who had started spending his whole day in the classroom.

the sixth grader who was wrapping up her last months in the school she has been in for seven years.

the seventh grader who just found someone to sit with in the cafeteria.

the eighth grader who wanted just a few more weeks in middle school.

the freshmen who was hoping to play his first season of high school baseball.

the sophomore who was working through her first AP class.

the junior who was going on a trip overseas.

and the senior… who can’t visit the colleges she was accepted to, who is missing his final spring sport season, his senior prom, her moments with her best friends, her senior breakfast, his senior trip,  his graduation, her graduation party, 

and the college freshman who was making her way through second semester.

and the college sophomore who had just scored the perfect internship.

and the college junior who was brought back from her semester abroad.

and the college seniors who can’t look for jobs or graduate in a grand ceremony or who can’t be a part of the traditions their school plans for them after four long years of college.

I feel badly for them all. Regardless of where your child is in the journey of their education, they are all missing something. No matter how great or how small… all these moments missed matter.

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