SOL #30 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

My least favorite question in the entire world is ‘What’s for dinner?’ It is like nails on a chalkboard. To avoid this question, I have trained my family. Each Sunday, I write our dinner plans on a whiteboard in one of my kitchen cabinets. Open the door, there is the list of meals.  This has significantly reduced the number of times I hear the dreaded question.

However… something new has occurred since our Stay Home, Stay Safe initiative. I am getting this question at breakfast and lunch time.

Now I shot down that breakfast piece day one of our ‘Stay Home’ adventure… no, there will be no fresh pancakes, bacon, and french toast each morning. That will continue to be reserved for Saturdays and Sundays. Nope, my friends… Monday through Friday, we got the same old food. Cereal, smoothies, yogurt, protein bards… have your pick. Nothing has changed on your breakfast menu.

As for lunch, my boys have been making their own lunches since they have started 7th grade… so three years for one, and six for the other. What has changed? Well, nothing! The same food resides in our kitchen. The same deli meats, leftovers, yogurt, cheese sticks, mini chips, cookies… you name it. The items are all still there. If you were capable of putting those items together into a lunchbox for school… why yes, you can put them together for a lunch at home.

So today, 14 days into our ‘Stay Home’ adventure, I announced our new lunch plan. They were not to ask… they were to help themselves to anything and everything in the kitchen to put together a lunch for themselves.

I had a Google Hangout with my students at lunchtime so they really couldn’t seek out my help. When I finished and entered the kitchen, I found a mess. (I know I asked for it!) But I also found one eating grilled cheese and soup, and the other eating an omelette.

I stood. Silent. They both looked up.

“Mom, what are you having for lunch?” they asked.

“I’m not sure,” I smiled.

3 thoughts on “SOL #30 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner”

  1. That is very smart to make a list of the dinners for the week! It’s funny about lunch and breakfast – my mom was saying the same thing when I was back home with her and dad for a week. I can sort myself out but if she doesn’t offer something to dad, he often won’t eat until dinner. He can do breakfast with cereal but lunch is a different story now that she is home I guess haha

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