SOL #29: The blue line

“Ma’am. Please stop and step behind the blue line,” he says with an edge that stops me in my tracks.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see the blue lines,” I respond quickly to let him know I am a rule follower.

He looks at me uncertain if I am being truthful or I’m just clueless!

“What can I get you?” he starts.

I place my order minding the blue line and stopping myself from leaning forward towards the register. A man walks in. He does not see the blue lines.

“Sir. Please stop and step behind the blue line,” the man at the register states with the same stern tone used on me.

“OH, sorry,” he replies, “I didn’t see them.”

I hold my giggle. (I giggle when I’m nervous.)

I finsih my order and don’t move. I don’t know what to do with my credit card. Should I use cash? No… I want to use my credit card because nothing needs to be exchanged.

“You may step to the credit card machine,” he says noticing my hesitancy.

“But I have to cross the blue line,” I say not wanting to be reprimanded again.

“Yes, I know. But I have a blue line, too. You may move forward and I will move back,” he explains.

I notice the blue line of tape on the other side of the counter.

“Thank you,” I respond and move forward to pay.

I leave the register, but don’t know where to go. I must leave the blue line, but I mustn’t move forward. I can’t move back because the man behind me is behind his very own blue line. I search the floor. It is a series of blue lines. I’m confused and uncertain. I look over to the end of the counter and notice a blue box. A series of four lines at the end where food will likely be picked up.

I move into the box. I look back at the man behind the register and the man ordering. I notice a woman coming in the door. There aren’t enough blue lines.

A brown shopping bag is placed on the counter.

I grab the bag and make my way along the very back end of the counter area and make a decision.  Tomorrow, we will eat lunch at home!

5 thoughts on “SOL #29: The blue line”

  1. Those lines, the signs, and the plexiglass guards everywhere. It’s like we’ve all moved to another country, a place unfamiliar. We ordered from a local restaurant last night. They took our credit card over the phone. I called when we arrived and they placed our order on the table outside the door along with a credit slip I could sign before moving back into their domain. All these new rules make my head spin.

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  2. I must confess, I thought this post might be about a pregnancy test, from the title! How these times can redefine what something as simple as a “blue line” can be. This is new for all of us, can’t imagine you are the only one to be befuddled by this system they’ve implemented.

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