SOL #25: Small victories with my teenagers

“Why does it matter?” he asks.

“Why do you care?” the other chimes in.

“They don’t care when we do it!” the first jumps back in.

“It’s because you’re a teacher and you’re going to make us do stuff that no one else does. Can you not?” the oldest joins in with an edge of frustration.

“Can I speak now?” I ask. They exchange glances across the table.

“Sure,” they mumble.

“Here is what I want and expect. You will wake up at a reasonable hour. You will get all your work done before you touch the Playstation or Xbox. All work will be done and done well before dinner. You will each bring the dog on a walk during the day. How does that work for you?” I sit back in my chair, holding my breath.

They lift their eyes from their dinners. A silent agreement passes between them.

“How early is ‘reasonable’? the oldest asks.

“I’ll let you decide.” I respond and stand up to bring my dish to the sink. They sit together for a few minutes longer. Eyes make their way to their father. He shrugs. They know and he knows, this is my territory and they haven’t got a shot in pulling him in.

No other words are spoken, but here I am. 10:00 AM. Day one of distance learning for my boys. They are both awake. The youngest has completed three of his six assignments. The eldest in laying on the rug snuggling his dog. I am calling this a victory.

10 thoughts on “SOL #25: Small victories with my teenagers”

  1. I love the simplicity of your expectations and the eyes that meet across the table. I can envision the way this went down and think you nailed it! Glad dad was smart enough to know to stay out of the discussion!
    “I’ll let you decide>”was a genius move – letting your boys think that they had control over any part of this process.
    Here’s hoping the routine sticks!

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  2. Total victory! Pretty sure my kids wish they didn’t have a teacher dad but here we are. It’s a good perspective to have, too, when dealing with students’ parents whose kids are lucky enough not to have teachers around at home. Ha. Good luck. Sounds like you guys will be just fine!

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  3. This is so perfect! I am laughing and beaming with pride at the same time! Amongst my brood of four are two teenagers, and I felt like I was reading g a page out of my current Book of Life! Cheers to you on today’s success – and I shall be taking notes, as their distance learning starts April 1, next Wednesday. You have delighted me on end with this post. I am most appreciative that you shared it with us today. #simplywonderful ~Carla Michelle

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