SOL #22: Week one: How’s that plan working for ya?

Last Monday, I came up with a plan for how my two weeks without work would go. I had great plans. See here… SOL #16: Glass half-full

I was optimistic. I was going to accomplish so much.

That was Monday before 10:00 AM. Then I got a text from our district curriculum coordinator asking if I might be available for a conference call. Then said conference call at 12:00. Then on to a to do list of thinking, planning, idea generating around distance learning.

Then came Tuesday with another conference call- this time with visuals and all kinds of fun stuff. More lists, more tasks. But I was all in.

Then came Wednesday. Another call. Another list. More work. Another call. More lists.

Then Thursday with a another call. Another list. Another call. Another list (or three).

Then Friday. A phone call. A list. A 20 minute field trip highlighted here: SOL #21: 20 minutes. Another call. Or it may have been two or three.

Saturday arrived. No scheduled calls, but a pile of lists that felt daunting. Coffee. Checking in on loved ones. Work on the list. More coffee. More list. Text a few more people. More water. More list. More water. More list.

Which brings me to today. Today I am taking the day off. I’m reflecting on my goals from last Monday and I am going to make revisions. I am going to be kind to myself because I did not know Monday what I know today. So I’m taking a day for myself with no list.

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