SOL #20: Connections

I sent the email to families in hopes of connecting and letting my kids know I was thinking of them.

I received no responses.

I know families are busy. Working. Overwhelmed. Working. Uncertain. Working.

I thought things through. I made a decision.

I hopped into Google Classroom and created two new Classrooms. One for our Distance Learning Plan beginning on Monday and the second called ‘Mrs. Bruno’s Homeroom Hangout’.

I sent the email to families asking students to join. I joined a conference call for work. I worked. I jumped back into Classroom. There they were. Ten or more emails. Ten kids already in.


“I miss school.”

“Me too. I never thought I would miss school.”

“My mom is making me read.”

“My mom is homeschooling me!”

“I have to read two hours a day.”

“My father is teaching me Latin.”

I laughed. There they were. All their personalities jumping out on the page. I responded to each one of them. I laughed. They thanked me. They asked more questions.

We connected. My heart is happy.

9 thoughts on “SOL #20: Connections”

  1. Happy tears streaming – thank you for sharing. Grace, patience, flexibility, and creativity is what we all need right now to make this work. So glad they connected with you. I can’t stop thinking about how teachers and students are feeling right now.

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