SOL #18: To my high school senior

Dearest T,

I have no words. My head hurts thinking about it all. I have no idea what the week ahead, the month ahead will entail.

Here is what I do know…

  • you will not get to attend accepted students days… after working your tail off to get into college and finding the school that works for you.
  • you will miss out on these days with your best friends at school… after finally finding your people.
  • you may not have a senior prom… after asking one of your best friends to go with you.
  • you may not have a graduation… after spending years upon years working hard to achieve.

I believe you deserve all these things and more.

Here is what else I know…

  • we will stay home and protect those we love to ensure that they stay safe.
  • we will learn virtually and make the best of this difficult situation.
  • we will celebrate you… I don’t care when or how or where… but we will celebrate every single accomplishment from the past 13 years of formal schooling.




4 thoughts on “SOL #18: To my high school senior”

  1. I have a senior who has worked incredibly hard for all of his years of formal education. It did not come easy at all for him. Fortunately, he is a talented athlete. As a family, we were sure to be supportive of him on the field so that when he struggled off the field, we had a little bit of balance. Since the fall, he has trained so incredibly hard to make his last season his best. All year, when academics were becoming too much for him, he knew that spring was just around the corner. Your T is my G. He is really struggling to accept that the spring he looked forward to will not happen. I emphasize your last 3 bullets to G over and over again . . . honestly, it hasn’t helped. Do yourself a favor, and don’t post the “Do you have a senior” on FaceBook. I made that mistake and got quite the lecture! Thanks for helping me see that I am not the only parent who feels and hurst so much for my senior. If only they would believe us!

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  2. It’s hard to have a senior right now. I found myself getting really sad about it this afternoon when we played tennis and it hit me that she wouldn’t get to be captain and play her senior year matches. The whole thing is a mess on so many levels and for so many reasons. And yes, we will celebrate our kids.

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