SOL #17: A Walk with Charley

As per my daily plan outlined here… SOL #16: Glass half-full, I grabbed Charley and headed to the car. No neighborhood walk for us today, we were headed to the bike path. A workout for her and me that was 6 or more feet away from any other humans!

She was beyond excited when I opened the car door. She bounded out of the car ready to go! I tugged on her leash to remind her that I was in charge… or perhaps to slow her down so I could keep up!

She paused, looked back at me with true impatience, and pulled on!

We walked briskly and then stopped suddenly. Walked briskly. Stopped suddenly. The scents, the sounds, it was all so much fun! Our pace was great and I knew I was getting in a solid workout except for our frequent stops to sniff!

As we made our way back to the car, she looked over towards a large puddle.
“Are you thirsty, girl?” She looked up with her big brown eyes, and I knew I had to let her get a drink.

She leaned in, pulled on her leash, bent down, sipped, then SPLASH… she laid flat down in the puddle. She looked up at me with the look only a naughty toddler would give her mother!

I jumped back avoiding the splash. And she just sat there. Lapping up the water and enjoying her moment in the water.

I reached into my pocket to get a picture, but alas she was too fast. She shook herself and proudly walked all the way back to the car without a pause.

“Good girl, Charley. Good girl.”


4 thoughts on “SOL #17: A Walk with Charley”

  1. I had to laugh at the image of Charley plunging into the puddle – a naughty toddler indeed. The description of the walk rang so true – the excitement for the walk, the stopping to sniff, the tugging, the sheer joy of being out in nature.

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