SOL #16: Glass half-full

The anxiety. The worry. The unknown.

I’ve decided I need to take control of a situation I can not control.

How you ask?

With making a list… my preferred activity.

Here are the things I will work on beginning today:

  • Binge watch at least one series: The Crown, Fabulous Mrs. Maisel are my top two.
  • Watch movies I have missed… starting with Frozen 2… that’s right. Then moving on to the Oscar nominees.
  • Read many books… finish my current adult book club book, then one book every two days from my ‘to be read’ pile of children’s books from my classroom library.
  • Purge my closet- bags are ready from Thred Up… I’m purging all of it…. fall, winter, spring, and summer.
  • Purge the boys’ closets.
  • Work on photo books- Tyler’s K-12 one for his graduation, our yearly albums as well.
  • Workout- daily… it may be at the gym for spin (or not), with weights in the basement, or with the many options online.
  • Write… daily… this one’s easy!

And now that I have made my list public… I can’t back down.

I feel better already!

6 thoughts on “SOL #16: Glass half-full”

  1. I like your list! We just came home from a quick road trip to check on our college boy, so I feel like my spring break is starting today. Making a list for the week ahead will be one of the things I do as well! There were some planned meetups with friends, but unfortunately, COVID….sigh.

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