SOL #14: A Trip to ShopRite

We walk into the grocery store. I anticipate the worst, but everyone seems quite calm. A huge display of potato chips greets me.

I hesitate. Perhaps I should grab a bag or ten. We could eat chips. Wouldn’t be healthy… but it is food.

I take a deep breath. Perhaps there is something else, and after all, I will be back this way to check out.

There are rotisserie chickens. The prepared food section is full. Apples are abounding. I exhale. There is food. We will be ok. I head to the deli counter and decide to treat this trip to the grocery store like our normal weekend trip. My husband keeps walking.

“I’m heading to the meat section. Meet you back here,” he says over his shoulder. I order our deli foods adding an extra half pound to our weekly purchases knowing the four of us will be eating all meals at home for the next week (and more).

Stephen heads towards the cart with two things in his hands.

“What do you have?” I ask a little confused at his lack of packages.

“Two steaks,” he replies holding them out for me to inspect.

“Just two? Anything else?” I ask with the anxiousness beginning to creep back in.

“Nope. No meat. Nothing. No chicken. No beef. Nothing,” his calm beginning to disappear.

“OK. We’ll be fine. How about shrimp?” I suggest.

“I’ll be back,” he leaves me waiting for two pounds of turkey breast.

I continue my order waiting on him to return. And then I see him.

Ten blue boxes piled high in his arms. Two LARGE bottles of pre-made pasta sauce.

“Pasta. We can have pasta. They have a lot and it’s on sale,” he says as he dumps his finds into the cart. He turns quickly and heads back out.

I make my way through the aisles and he comes bounding towards the cart randomly. Hot dogs. Frozen burger patties. Frozen chicken strips. Eggs.

I laugh as our cart begins to fill. Sure, our meals may not be from our ‘typical’ menu of meals, but we will be ok.

We walk back towards the registers. I make my way back to the chip display.

Better safe than sorry!



9 thoughts on “SOL #14: A Trip to ShopRite”

  1. It sounds like it’s good to shop with a partner. We can divide and conquer! I was hoping you settle in for some chips! I haven’t been out lately. This isn’t the first time I heard that the meat department was low.

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