SOL 13: Silence

There hasn’t been silence all day. Words thrown around. Children excited, worried, and elevated. Teachers rushing. Announcements made. Questions, questions, and more questions. But now…


I am sitting at my desk. Everyone in my wing is gone. To brave the grocery store. To pick kids up. To exhale after a taxing day.

It feels surreal. I don’t know when I will be back. I don’t know what is to come. This is hard. I’m exhausted, but am reflecting on what the past 24 hours have included… and what unknown is ahead.

Speculation that we won’t be back until April or even May. Concerns over food at the store. People planning vacations because ‘why not’. I truly an not sure what to feel.

I’m happy that my bag is full of books that I want to read.

I’m sad that I will not be in this building for an undetermined amount of time.

I’m happy that I will have time to organize my closet that is in dire need.

I’m worried that people I know and love will become sick.

I’m thrilled that I will have time to write each day.

I’m scared for my parents and hope their strong enough.

I’m excited about the idea of daily exercise without scheduling issues.

I’m fearful of the unknown.

And so I will pack up my happiness, worry, sadness, and all other emotions along with my many books and head home.


8 thoughts on “SOL 13: Silence”

  1. Wow this is very powerful. There is so much change happening this week and it is good to reflect on it. The grocery store today had cars parked all over it (not even just in parking spaces!) I walked to get cat litter and it was a shock to see how things are flying off the shelves. Many workplaces and event venues are closing. It is a lot to take in. Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts on this!

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  2. This post captures so many of my feelings, especially the ending, with the “I’m happy/I’m sad” statements. I love your beginning, too. That was my day yesterday, and I didn’t quite register that dramatic juxtaposition of the silence once everyone left, but reading your post brought back that eerie feeling silence to me. I love how you articulated what has been going on in my heart.

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  3. I like your last lines “And so I will pack up my happiness, worry, sadness, and all other emotions along with my many books and head home.” Best of luck to you. We are still open at our school…I can only imagine all your feelings. Take care of yourself.

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  4. Wonderful juxtaposition of happy and sad. I’m nervous, too, and the whole thing is definitely a little surreal. I’m actually really happy that we’re in the midst of the March challenge – this blogging community will be a refuge for me, I think. Here’s hoping that we as a society can flatten the curve & keep as many of us healthy as possible.

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