SOL 11: Halfway day

What a few days it has been!


half days… 

school closing concerns..

it’s been busy.

Conferences… I really do enjoy them. I love the conversation. The sharing of victories. The making plans for a strong 3rd marking period. Seeing families that I have known for over 15 years. Sharing stories.

Half days… the boys are SO relaxed. By the time I get home, everyone is done homework. Dinner is easy. Everyone is (moderately) happy. They are teenagers… moderately is a victory. No packing lunches. No stress. Life is good.

School closing concerns… teachers worried about teaching until June 30th. Deep sadness over missed opportunities at state basketball titles. Plays being postponed. Worries about fundraising. Distance learning. Working. Or not working. Buying supplies… or not!

It’s been busy.

7 thoughts on “SOL 11: Halfway day”

    1. So tough. My son is a senior as well and his classmates are heartbroken over the cancellation of tournament games. I teach and the worries are everywhere. So much to think about… it hurts my head! haha


  1. Yes, that’s a busy week! Sometimes to feels good to list everything, as you’ve done….Did you find it to be therapeutic? ~JudyK 🙂

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  2. It’s been busy indeed! We have two more days before our March Break. I’m wondering if we will go back after a week or if we will be off for a while. So far Canada has done very little… I can imagine that my children would be very happy with a little extra time off, but – oh! – the busy-ness!

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  3. I seem to be living your slices! I love your description of half days. Even though we, as teachers don’t get the half days, it’s always SO nice to come home to my boys after they have had a half day. I’ll take ‘moderately’ happy any day.

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