SOL #7: You don’t know why.

You don’t know why the boy snapped at the art teacher.

Perhaps it was because she was the third adult to ‘speak to him’ in the past hour.

You don’t know why your colleague is grumpy as she walks in and mumbles hello.

Perhaps she is worried about her doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

You don’t know why the girl sits quietly today when every other day she is loud and boisterous.

Perhaps it is because her parents divorce will be finalized next week.

You don’t know why your son is not going to the basketball game tonight.

Perhaps it is because there are people there he does not want to encounter.

You don’t know why your friend hasn’t texted back after four days.

Perhaps it is because she is overwhelmed with all she has to do.

You don’t know why you feel unmotivated to do the many tasks on your to do list.

Perhaps it is because you have completed many tasks on many today lists all week.

You just don’t know why someone is doing what they are doing.

Perhaps be kind.

8 thoughts on “SOL #7: You don’t know why.”

  1. In the last 4 months, I have attended memorials for two people who took their life. Very few people knew these two men struggled with mental illness. We have no idea what people carry in their backpacks. Kindness matters; sometimes more than we know.

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  2. Yes, yes, yes. This post is powerful and the structure suits it perfectly. We are all carrying around so much and we have to remember that everyone else is too. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be patient. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. With such a beautiful economy of words, you deliver such a powerful message here. You’re right, we don’t know why. And many of us, myself included, do not take the time to consider possible reasons. So yes, kindness, as you so eloquently end your post, is a solid policy. Thank you for such a powerful reminder!

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  4. We are self-centered people who are often only or mostly concerned with our own agenda, problems, schedules, etc. As Lanny stated, we don’t consider the why. It doesn’t matter especially when we are inconvenienced or annoyed by others’ behavior. Thank you for convicting me to consider the possible whys of the people I encounter, and to more importantly, show kindness whether I understand or not.

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