SOL 2020: Day 6: It was a week

This has become a new mantra. Oh, it was a week. My friend, Heather, mentioned it to me as I didn’t realize I said this more often than I realized.

It was a week…

  • with two evenings out.
  • with four hours of spinning.
  • with report cards due on Monday.
  • with six hours out of my classroom.
  • with PJ day on Monday and jeans on Friday.
  • with a state qualifier for the Geo Bee.
  • with a faculty meeting.
  • with a son who is healing from a concussion.
  • with book club with cherished friends.
  • with a Friday evening in.

So while it ‘was a week’… and there is more I could say… but reflecting on my week I am thankful.

7 thoughts on “SOL 2020: Day 6: It was a week”

  1. Lists are a powerful craft move — it worked well in your slice. This would be a great mentor text for students to study. I also love the seesaw pattern to the list. I also had a week … so thanks for summing it up for me!

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