SOL 2020: Day 5: Perspectives

“My child is too young for the middle school. She loves recess and middle school doesn’t have recess.” says a mother whose daughter is in 6th grade.

“My children are 15 months old and 3 years old so this will impact them. I want them to have the same experience I did 25+ years ago.” says a father of two.

“I have children in the high school, middle school, and elementary school. I have been through the middle school and believe my son should go to the middle school when he is in 6th grade.” says the mother of four who has experienced middle school.

“What are the educational implications for our kids?” asks a mother who has four kids all coming up through elementary school.

“I worry about bullying from 8th graders to 6th graders.” says the mother whose son was bullied in his old school.

“I would like the board of education to talk to the teachers. They spend more time with our children many days than many of us do.” says a mother who respects who children’s teachers.

I sit in silence. I listen. I wonder how all these people with such differing perspectives will be able to reach a decision that is best for kids. My leg itches… not the kind of itch you can scratch, but rather the itch that makes it want to stand up. To walk to the microphone. To speak, but I don’t. I keep my perspective to myself.

(Our district is currently looking at restructuring by moving our 6th graders to the middle school. We currently have a K-6 classroom and I happen to be one of those 6th grade teachers. Last night, I attended a facilities open forum for the community. This is my slice.)

11 thoughts on “SOL 2020: Day 5: Perspectives”

  1. That kind of thing is never easy, and I hope the best for your students, you, and your district. Even the best ideas receive some pushback just because they’re different. Your slice really captures the different points of view–thank you for sharing it.

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  2. This is super interesting to see the varying perspectives on 6th grade at the middle school. We have 6th grade at the middle school, and it is all fine. I do understand the concerns though. And often wonder what really is best…

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  3. Beautiful slice. Honest. Artfully done. Who’d have thought that having so many people who care so much could create messy conflict? Your description of the itch is memorable. Thank you.

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  4. I landed here because sixth graders are a teaser I can never refuse. I taught 6th graders in a middle school and yes, they might have benefited from recess. I’m sure it’s a big life change for a sixth grade teacher to consider.

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