SOL 2020: Day 1: A change, a sacrifice and an improvement

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. As a lifelong Catholic, I have always given something up. In college, a priest shared the concept of doing for others and that became a part of my ritual. This week, during mass, our priest talked about three things… giving, prayer, and sacrifice.

So this got me to thinking… could I do three things? I say yes.

One thing I firmly believe is when you make something public you are less likely to pull back from it. So here it goes…

A change: I am ‘turning off’ at 9 pm every night. No screens… TV, iPad, computer, phone. NONE. This change has already led to more reading. Yeah me! This to me goes to the giving category. I am giving myself the gift of time. I constantly feel like I never have enough. Screens suck my time dry! I’m taking my time back.

A sacrifice: This I say with a heavy sigh… I am giving up bread, pasta, etc. UGH! This one is hard for me, BUT I know that this will help me in more ways than one. I will be more aware of my food and plan better for my daily lunches and dinners. Wish me luck!

An improvement: I am going to be reflective this Lenten season. I am going to read meditations each night and reflect in writing each night. The reflections may be from the Bible or from other books I have. The writing may be thought-filled or otherwise, but I need to stop myself each day to remind myself of all I have and all the good there is. I forget this.

Now that it is public… there is no turning back!

8 thoughts on “SOL 2020: Day 1: A change, a sacrifice and an improvement”

  1. Oooh, I admire your bravery in making your intentions public! Good luck with all three things! You’ve given me a lot to think about! ~JudyK 🙂


  2. Intentional change is brave and wonderful. I hope you meet all three of your challenges and sacrifices. I, too, am trying to read more. Giving up bread is hard. I wish you luck with that! Thanks for sharing your intentions with us publically, I hope it helps!


  3. I like your three Lenten resolutions! Less screen time is harder when you participate in this digital challenge, I know. May I suggest visiting online for your daily scriptural readings? I’ve visited that site for years, really like the brevity, pause for reflection, and lovely background music.


  4. Love that you are writing Slice of Life again.
    I love to read anything you write! Always thoughtful, always inspiring, always you! 💕


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