SOL #31: What’s Next?

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I am thankful for this month and for Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life challenge. I loved it last year and this year was just as great, if not better.

Here’s the problem… last year I stopped writing a week or two after the challenge. That bummed me out.

This year…

I want to keep writing. I’m struggling with determining how to make my blog an active, living, breathing place. Or does it need to be?

I want  to keep writing, but is there an audience? Does there need to be?

I want to keep writing, but wonder what structure or format or topics I should write about?

So… these are the things I am pondering right now… I hope to make some decisions about what’s next because..

I want to keep writing.

8 thoughts on “SOL #31: What’s Next?”

  1. I hope you keep writing. Last year I committed to Tuesday slicing. It helped me because that community continued & I actually had some comments. I also do well with routine. Here’s hoping you find something that works for you!

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  2. I join the other responders in hoping that you do keep on writing and sharing. It’s a little like dieting, hard work but the results are worth it and you mustn’t chastise yourself too much when you slip up!

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  3. The focus of my blog writing has changed a few times. I’m here for #SOLSC every Tuesday, but I started another blog where I write about math – reflections on my teaching. That gives me a focus every (or nearly every) Friday. I also have lots of other things on the go, but it definitely helps to have those two expected, “assigned” by me writing times.

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