SOL #28: For the challenge

It is 9:30. I was just in bed reading before bed. I sat straight up.

“I forgot to write,” I say out loud to no one in particular. My husband who is watching NCAA basketball turns to me.

“What?” he says keeping his eyes on the TV screen.

“I didn’t write today. I just realized I didn’t write today,” I murmur as I get out of bed, grab my sweatshirt, and slippers.

I head down the stairs and see the glare from the computer.

“Patrick, your time is up on Fortnite. I believe I told you that 15 minutes ago,” I say hovering over his back and the chair.

“I know mom, I’m just getting off,” he replies, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… your time is up,” I reply gently nudging (OK… maybe pushing) him out of the chair.

I jump in the chair. OK… day 28… what to write???

This… I write this because this is what this month is all about. Writing. Daily. Not missing ONE day. Even if the writing is about forgetting.

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