SOL #27: Body don’t fail me now

It was a gorgeous Sunday and I decided to take Charley for a walk. I even decided to write about it here: SOL #24: Lessons from Charley. This was a great walk because it was the first since winter started because I have been hesitant to walk outside due to the snow, potholes, and various ‘muck’ on the side of the road and my ‘new knee’.

I felt great… my new knee was happy- circa: May 2018- and all was well. We got home. I sat down to watch a little NCAA basketball with my boys and all seemed right on this fabulous Sunday.


I tried to get up from the recliner to get more water. I could not get up out of the chair. I used my arms to pull myself up out of the chair and my back and right leg were in excruciating pain. Seriously? So I walked it out to see if it was just stiffness from sitting.

THREE DAYS later and I am STILL nursing my back and leg! Come on! I know I have to be more active. I know I have to do more to feel better, but this knee has thrown me for a loop… and now my back wants to join the party. No thank you. No thank you.

So… I will continue to rest, recover, and do what I need to in order to get my back and leg where it needs to be.

Enough already… I need this body to last me a few more years!


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