SOL #26: Writing as therapy

I did not intend to write about the events of my day yesterday. I found myself needing to meet a deadline and with a short period of time, while he was in the shower, I knew I had to write.

I sat down and wrote. It all came out. With no true time to think it through, I hit publish. I wanted to meet a deadline. I wanted to check it off my list. I had no other ideas because my brain was filled with only ONE thing.

I second guessed it as he walked into my room after his shower. Curled up on my bed, in his pajamas, hair wet, exhausted eyes, sad face that I don’t often see on this child. Then it was gone.

After we talked for over an hour and a half, I clicked on my page. And there, on that page, were words from many I don’t even know. Words of encouragement. Words of caring. Words of inspiration.

I am thankful to this community. I am thankful for the safe place to land when things are hard. I am thankful to those who took time out of their busy days to comment and send words to me. Words matter in so many ways… and they provided me an outlet through a challenging time yesterday. And they provided me with a calm that I truly needed after a long hard day.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “SOL #26: Writing as therapy”

  1. Still with you from a distance. Glad you had the wherewithal, the ability to write. Your words were & are powerful. I am glad you have this place to process and think. Wishing you and him the strength to handle this situation through to the end with grace.

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  2. This post is heartrending, but I’m so happy to know you’ve found some support in this community. Like you mention, the words our virtual friends share can make a huge difference. Hope things are going okay for the both of you.

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