SOL #25: Blindsided

The warning text. A phone call will be coming. A reply text asking for more information. More information given, but still confused.

The phone call. Your heart sinks. You listen. Take notes. Consider all sides.

You drive home. You consider all sides again. Momma bear takes over and you start to drive a little faster.

You walk in. Grab the parties needed and sit together. You exhale unsure if you have exhaled since the phone call. You consider your words. You choose them wisely. You watch him struggle to give answers. He searches his head for the ‘right’ answer and you reassure him that honest answers are really all that are needed.

The honest answers come. Your heart breaks a little bit hearing the bits and pieces and process them while being compassionate and understanding yet stern and serious. You watch him struggle some more and see the baby picture of him over his right shoulder and your heart breaks just a wee bit more.

You watch him pace. You watch him look for the right words yet again. You reassure him… again. It will all be ok, but deep inside you are not sure just what level of ok things will be.

He sits. He looks at you. You get up, give him a hug, reassure him one more time. Then go up to your room. Look in the mirror and say a quiet prayer. You hand it over to God because that truly is all you can do at this moment in time. And you tell your reflection, it will be ok. And she looks back uncertain.



18 thoughts on “SOL #25: Blindsided”

  1. You captured the raw pain of this moment without having to get into specifics. That seems like it would be simple, but I actually think it is quite hard. My heart hurts for you and your son right now. It isn’t easy to be a teenager or parent today. I hope all turns out more than okay.

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  2. This is so utterly powerful. That last line. You’ve captured how a mom tries so hard to be reassuring while being petrified herself. I hope it all works out. He’s lucky to have you in his corner.

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  3. I hope that sharing your heartache has been helpful to you. You have written a powerful piece. And you have looked at the situation from different sides. Not ever easy, especially when you are hurting. I hope things turn out well. You have placed it where it needs to be – in God’s hands. Bless you – and your son.

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  4. Mmm… you have taken a hard moment and made the feelings come alive with your spare writing and clear focus. Honesty. Love. Support. Sometimes this is the best you can ask for. I hope that things turn out well.

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  5. You captured so many emotions in so few words and brought me back to a parenting place I tried so hard to put behind me. In the hardest moment, I had to hand it over to God; it was the best I could do. Sending you strength…

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  6. Oh I feel so much grieving here. I can’t really make up what you are going through but I do know that every time that our kids are affected it hurts terribly; I can feel your pain through your words.
    I am very sorry you are going through this. Receive a kind hug from a stranger. I hope things get better.

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