SOL #24: Lessons from Charley

I say the words she loves to hear.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” She pops right up and stands to have her collar and leash put on. Tail wagging, excitement evident. She is ready.

Out the door we go. She pauses at the mailbox looks both ways… not for cars, but rather  deciding. Left or right. Decision number one. She chooses right. Not my favorite… but hers. Her pace is fast. Excited. Pulling without pulling hard, but enough to let me know we have places to go and things to see. Her enthusiasm grows with each step.

Sniff. Walk. Sniff. Sniff. Head up.

What’s that? More walking.

Car. Stop. Noise. Stop. Pick up the pace.

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Move. Sniff.

Turn around. Pick up the pace once again. More to see. More to do. More to explore. We turn. She stops at the road to the new development. She looks at me with those eyes. She pulls… not too hard. We head up the road. Her pace slowing. More sniffing. More panting. We bump into a friend. She stops, but gently tugs on her leash not wanting to spend too much time with this visitor.

As we make our way to the main road, she really slows. The panting is louder. Her pace slower than mine… but then she sees the house. Her pace picks up. Her tail wags.

Home. She runs up the stairs to the front door. Straight to her treats. Treat. Water. And she collapses on the rug in the foyer. A good walk.

My life is much like a walk with Charley. A pace that is ever changing. Lots to stop and see and do and explore. Conversations that I move from politely. Then the fatigue sets in, but when I see home, I am happy and look forward to rest.

8 thoughts on “SOL #24: Lessons from Charley”

  1. I’ve never hard a dog (b/c allergies and asthma), but I walked my uncle’s dog a couple of times. Charley’s walk sounds similar to the walks I took Poochie on. Well captured slice!


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