SOL #22:The Struggle is Real

So this has become our favorite saying this year. We use it in laughter. In sadness. In frustration. It really works for so many things.

15 kids didn’t do their Grammar homework.

The struggle is real.

Tossing your cookie on your desk and knocking your water onto everything on said desk.

The struggle is real.

Indoor recess for the third day in a row.

The struggle is real.

Repeating the same directions after you’ve already reviewed them three times.

The struggle is real.

The silent ball landing on your desk and you yelping in horror.

The struggle is real.

Writing 66 comments for Social Studies, 22 comments for ELA, and 22 comments for my homeroom… as well as completing report card grades for said subjects.

The struggle is real.

The copier jamming… finding eight of the jammed papers, but not the ninth.

The struggle is real.

Altered schedules or modified weeks of instruction… EVERY WEEK so far this year.

The struggle is real.

Friday night… deciding on a cocktail for the evening.

The struggle is real.







5 thoughts on “SOL #22:The Struggle is Real”

  1. Great phrase – and, especially given that you haven’t had a ‘regular’ week so far this year (!!), I’m glad for the last item on your list. Tonight, at my house, too, the struggle is real 😉

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  2. I think the struggle may be realest at the copy machine. There’s such a sense of satisfaction when you find one of those jammed papers, but it’s a real issue when there just keeps being more. Hope you decided on a good cocktail. That was not a struggle for me tonight!


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