SOL #9: Travel basketball is over

My son has played travel basketball since fourth grade with many of the same kids. Thursday night I drove five of them to their final scrimmage (see post ) . You see we lost in the second round of the playoffs and then it was just over. The coach emailed to ask if anyone was up for a ‘friendly’ scrimmage with the neighboring town who was in the playoffs in their league. We agreed. Here is what I saw…

  • All ten boys showed up… happy.
  • They had two rotations selected by two ‘honorary’ captains… one of them being my son.
  • They laughed, they played together, they took shots, they defended, they cheered each other on.
  • They won three of their six periods.
  • They had the most fun that I have seen them have ALL season.

I have lots of opinions on how this season went… and I won’t get into them here. (or perhaps this is another post!) I will say my son did NOT see a lot of playing time. Never once did he hang his head. Never once did he complain. It drove me ABSOLUTELY insane! He is a good, solid player. Coaches in all his sports have always told us what a great athlete he is because he listens, does the right thing, plays hard, and gives 100+%. Then PUT HIM IN! But I digress… (or perhaps this is another post!)

I saw one of their best games of the season on Thursday. I am happy that this was their final game…not the horrible loss in the playoffs. I’m not sure who will tryout for Freshmen basketball, but I’m thankful that he will have this to remember as his final travel basketball memory.

7 thoughts on “SOL #9: Travel basketball is over”

  1. Read Clare Landrigan’s post that she wrote about baseball today if you haven’t already. I’ll send it to you if you want– let me know. She makes great points about the importance of sports for way more than how you dribble or hit a baseball. Your post reminds me of that, as at the heart of it, there’s a lot more to be happy about than just how well kids play.

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  2. This has been a hard part of this basketball season for me too. My son has NOT been so calm or quiet about it, so another challenge has been helping him regulate and process so that he doesn’t quit the sport he loves, even though I fully understand why he would want to!

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