Slice Life Day 6: Lent- Eliminate, Change, Do

I grew up ‘very’ Catholic… if that’s a thing. We never missed mass. If you were sick, you watched mass on television. We went to EVERY holy day of obligation. We went to CCD every year and then once I was confirmed, I taught CCD! I was an alter server, then a lector. It was a HUGE part of my upbringing.

I even chose a Catholic college. I did go to mass every week… but at 10 PM on Sunday nights and there were many cute boys around the room. We all went out for ice cream after. It was a social event.

I have raised my boys Catholic and have tried my best to keep us in the faith. We slip up… I am not as good as my mother was and I have to be ok with that.

I have been pondering Lent and what to do this year. My lenten promises are ones of  eliminating something, changing something, and doing something. Here is what I have decided upon this year…

Eliminating bread products… bread, wraps, pasta, etc. (Suddenly 40 days and nights seems like a REALLY long time!)

Changing my tech habits… no gaming for lent (Sorry Candy Crush… see you on Easter!) and no TV after 9.

Doing more reading and writing… I will read for an hour daily and write for an hour daily. And I will track this! SOL will definitely help with this one!

So that is it… now it’s out there and if you see me eyeing the muffins in the teachers room… please be sure to stop me!


7 thoughts on “Slice Life Day 6: Lent- Eliminate, Change, Do”

  1. I, too, was raised “very” Catholic and went to Catholic schools. I even wanted to be a nun at one point.
    Lent for me is a time for kindness, which I try to practice anyway, so I guess that’s not really a thing.
    Good luck with the no bread products! I know I couldn’t do it.


  2. I grew up Episcopal which is fairly close to Catholic, and I live in South Louisiana surrounded by Catholics. I usually take something on for Lent, but this year I’ve been too busy to think about it. Thanks for your post with eliminate something, change something, do something. I will definitely eliminate carbs. I did that between Christmas and Mardi Gras and will take it up again. I just feel better without. I can’t change gaming and TV because I don’t partake. That would be cheating. My do something was inspired by a FB post yesterday to get rid of 40 things, one every day, and give it to charity. That’s worth doing. And we always have more than we need. Again, thanks for this post to get my mind on the right track.

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  3. Those are some serious Lenten promises. I grew up Lutheran, and we always gave something up, too. Tech habits is a good one! This year, I’m trying something different: my (Catholic) alma mater sends a biblical reading every day during Lent along with a reflection. I’ve committed to read each of these and reflect on it myself. Good luck with your Lenten promises!

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