Shining a light on ALL their talents

Our days are filled with academics with some play, some character education, and some team building- add a bit of art, music, and PE… and the day is full.

But here is the thing, that I am reminded of year after year, there is so much more and we need to be better at ensuring we get to the ‘more’.

Our 6th grade puts on a play every year. It is a highlight for many of the children. What I love most about the event is that the light shines brightly on so many who may struggle academically or struggle socially. Suddenly they are in an environment of acceptance and accolades that they may not experience often. They shine.

Too often we forget the things that will have a lasting impact on our students. This week, I was reminded, again, that these moments are what they will remember most… and we must NOT allow our worry about curriculum deadlines, testing, and covering content to push these experiences away.

We must make the time.

We must celebrate ALL victories.

We must shine a light on the MANY talents in our children.

7 thoughts on “Shining a light on ALL their talents”

  1. Thank you for sharing! I teach at an arts high school and your point about students shining in areas other than academics rings true. Students have a “major” or concentration in visual arts, theatre, dance, or music. I try to attend as many shows and performances as possible to celebrate my students talent and achievement outside the classroom.

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  2. Yes! Sometimes I find it hard to attend sports games, shows and etc. but honouring our students’ talents outside of academics really is important. Thanks for the reminder.


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