My love affair… with the dollar store

Yes, you read that right.

I love it.

I love everything about it.

I know there are some that are too high brow for it. Some who won’t step foot through those doors.

Me… it is a joyful shopping experience!

Easter treats… candy, baskets, stuffed eggs… all before Ash Wednesday… why yes!

Napkins for our book tasting this week… $6… absolutely!

Pencils, sharpies, index cards, post-its… all $1… why not!

Snacks for the snack box… granola bars and animal crackers… $1, $1, 1, $1, $1… in the cart you go!

Kool aid for the basketball party… who doesn’t love Kool Aid?

Off to the register I go… gum at checkout. $1.00 is a good price for gum, right? Toss it on the belt.

Thank you, dollar store, for my many victories… see you in a few weeks.

9 thoughts on “My love affair… with the dollar store”

  1. Funny! I love the repetition and humor in this piece. Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with the dollar store. I’ll leave it at that.

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  2. Lol! It’s perfect! They have everything! My sister just had a cute headband from there, and now, I must make my way there to get 1 or 5!

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  3. I am a recent convert to the dollar store. I have been there before for little odds and ends but have never REALLY shopped there. A few weeks back a friend had a bag of quality snacks that she had in her car. She was getting ready for a sleepover party. I mentioned taking out a personal loan and she disclosed that it all came from the dollar store.
    On Thursday I stopped in and filled a basket full of snacks for a competition dance weekend. There is no shame in this game ;).

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