Best Laid Plans

When my husband told me that my son would be playing in a baseball tournament this past weekend, I thought ‘wonderful, let’s go’. A weekend away together as a family. Six hours south… so warmer weather.  A hotel on the beach… morning sunrises and beach walks. Report cards and conferences were done. Relaxation. Sounds like a fabulous plan.

Friday- we arrive in Delaware at 10 pm after a long drive and a full day of work.

Email from coach: Field arrival time: Saturday: 8 AM. Wake up time: 6:30 AM. Hmmm… feels a bit like a work day. Stay positive.

Arrive at the field, coach says “Didn’t I email you? He’s going to play with the other team, starting at 1:00 PM.” Alrighty then… Back to the hotel. Hang out.

Back to the field where the feels like temperature is 34 degrees. With a whipping wind. Curled up in my winter coat, hood up, car blanket wrapped around me. Not enough coffee or hot chocolate to warm my body. Until 6:00 PM.

Boys win two games. Back to the hotel. Showers. Dinner. In bed at 11:00 PM.

Hmmm… didn’t see the sunrise or set. Didn’t rest. Didn’t relax with my family. But that’s OK. There is tomorrow.

Sunday: Field Time: 8:00 AM. Wake up time: 6:30 AM. Hmm… this feels quite familiar. Today’s game play… win- you move on. Lose- you go home. Temperature: a balmy 40 degrees.

9:00 AM game… a win… Coffee from the snack shack.

11:15 AM game… a win… Salad from the snack shack.

1:15 PM championship game… for the loss.

We all pack ourselves back into the car for the six hour drive north. 3:00 departure… means a 9:00 pm arrival. The exhaustion begins to set in.

Back in the car…  Rest stops. Traffic on the George Washington Bridge. Getting work done on my husband’s laptop.

8:00 PM  “Patrick, did you have a good time?”
“Of course, mom, this was the best weekend ever.”

Best laid plans.

7 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans”

  1. There you go. All worth it. ;o) Setting this up in times really helped to illustrate how busy it was.

    I remember those days all too vividly. It always seemed worth it if the kids were enjoying the experience. Here’s hoping you might have a calmer weekend ahead, but I’m guessing that could be weeks away.

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  2. You have to show students how the short sentences added to the rush. It was great! The salad from the snack bar might have been the low point for me, and I loved Patrick’s response to it all!


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