For the love of books

At age 4, listening to books on my small record player, turning the pages as the ‘ding’ tells me to.

At age 6, converting my closet shelf into a library… with cards to check books out and books for all the readers who would visit. (me)

At age 8, carrying the Scholastic book order home with circles around the many books I would order.

At age 10, receiving a large box, wrapped in Christmas paper, filled with books from my godfather (a middle school English teacher)

At age 12, visiting the Bookmobile as it pulled into the schoolyard for us to borrow books since our town did not have a library.

At age 14, receiving books, in the mail, in large green fabric envelopes, from Augusta, with books inside to borrow from the state library.

The experiences of my childhood led to the love of books I have today.

The need to buy books every time I walk into the book store.

The need to place books in the hands of my sons’, and in their rooms, and on their shelves, and in the family room, and in every place they can go in our house.

The need to fill my classroom with books- old and new- and to share the love of these books with each group of students that comes through.

The need to pile two stacks of books on my nightstand… the books to read professionally and the books to read for pleasure.

And it’s all for… the love of books.

11 thoughts on “For the love of books”

  1. I’m w/ you: reader first. Then writer. I honestly don’t know how those who don’t love reading can write. It seems to me the reading makes writing possible. And when I was a kid we had Tab to order from.

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  2. What a great exploration of your formative reading experiences! I share several of them– although I never thought of making my own library, but the bookmobile and book orders were awesome!

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  3. I love this post! It sounds exactly like so much of my reading life. I have two towering stacks of books on my bedside table too, although I would have to say 1 3/4 stacks are for pleasure and I only have three there for education write now. (I am working on a project researching different ways to teach poetry to high school students, so it is almost pleasure reading anyway!)

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  4. It’s lovely to be in a community of readers and writers, and your slice epitomizes that. I agree with Melanie. Lucky students!


  5. Although my reading life is polar opposite of yours, I hope that I have instilled a love for reading in my own children and my students. I tend to only have professional books at my nightstand . . . now I have a challenge for the month of April!

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