For my first born…

I watch you grow

Become a person with a mind of your own.

Your successes are a joy to watch.

In school

In relationships

At home

You are amazing.

Your smile radiates as you walk in the room.

Your spirit is wise beyond your years.

And yet…

Your struggles break my heart like they were my own.

Sports, friendships, and academics-

I wish I could make them all disappear.

Your sorrows are my sorrows.

Your challenges- mine too.

My hope is one day we will look back and be nostalgic over these times.

My hope is one day you will succeed in all that you choose.

My hope is one day this will all be small in the grander scheme of life.

But for now…

I am here

With love, support, and guidance.


7 thoughts on “For my first born…”

  1. Yep–our souls walk around outside our bodies. And nope, it’s impossible to be happy when they’re not. I’m pretty sure no one told me that before I got into this parenting thing.


  2. I identify strongly with your poem – my oldest son had some rocky years in middle school and I hurt for him. My kids are all grown up now, but I still have those moments of worry, along with the proud and happy moments.


  3. I enjoy reading your posts–they are poetry ! You have captured so well the emotions we moms experience watching our kids grow up. Now I’m watching my younger son experience these same ones as his children grow older. That cycle of life, eh? Not just a cliche, is it?


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